To junior scientists

Council of junior scientists (hereinafter – СJS) IBEIT created for the purpose of unification scientific young people IBEIT, the comprehensive promotion of youth in science, conservation and development of its intellectual potential, the implementation of professional, creative and other interests of young scientists, attracting them to the solution of important problems of socio-economic development of Ukraine and Odessa region.

СJS promotes the participation of junior scientists in scientific events held in IBEIT ONPU and beyond, informs you about all-Ukrainian and international scientific-practical conferences, seminars, roundtable discussion, as well as various scholarships, grants, projects, trainings in order to attract young people to participate in them.

Members of the CJS are employees of the Institute under the age of 35 years, graduate students face-to-face or correspondence courses, which conducting pedagogical work in the University and actively carry out scientific-research work.

CJS actively cooperates with the international relations Department of ONPU for the purpose of receiving and disseminating information on scholarship programs abroad. Chief of CJS is representative of IBEIT ONPU in the Union of junior innovators and inventors of Ukraine (UJIIU). Members of the CJS actively encourage the involvement of creative youth in events conducted under the auspices of UJIIU.

Довідник науковця.

Голова Ради молодих вчених ІБЕІТ ОНПУ

к.е.н., доцент кафедри економіки підприємств Задорожко Гліб Ігорович

Тел.: (048) 705 83 24

What we advise?

…to receive a grant or a scholarship, both in Ukraine and abroad

Консультацію та докладну інформацію за міжнародними проектами можна отримати в кімн. 405 адміністративного корпусу ОНПУ.

Контактна особа: Гриневич Оксана Володимирівна, тел. (048) 705 86 01

…to participate in conferences

…to prepare an article for publication


…to participate in the contest of Start-Up

  • Оголошується конкурс Start-Up проектів серед творчої молоді м. Одеси на базі
    Одеського національного політехнічного університету. Детальніше з умовами Конкурсу можна ознайомитися:

…possible employment